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Gallery Update: Ren (OC)

Currently drafting some more characters for my upcoming Web Comic, while simultaneously planning out the panels / dialogue. The drawing featured in this post is Ren, who will be the main character of the piece. I drew this in around 5 hours in one sitting, which is quite fast for me (usually my drawings take a few days).

What Went Well:

  • The speed

  • As stated previously, this drawing took only 5 hours. For me, it is very rare to complete a drawing in less than a day.

  • The lineart

  • Usually I try to make my lines relatively thick, but for this drawing I decided to try thin lines. It was a bit more time consuming (you need a very steady hand), but overall I like the new look.

  • The lighting

  • I finally learned how to use blending modes (add/multiply) and it made the shadows much easier and quicker. It went pretty smoothly.

What Didn't Go Well:

  • Careless mistakes

  • I made multiple careless mistakes in this piece, which costed some time. I probably could have saved a whole entire hour if it weren't for them. One mistake can actually be seen in the image above on the upper right portion of the hoodie where there's a little triangular gray arc (I didn't notice this until much later).

  • Amateurish composition

  • I am pleased with how the drawing turned out, but I just feel like it is missing something. There are a lot of parts that are just solid color with not much detail. It's just a bit simplistic in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

I feel that this drawing is certainly an improvement compared to the last one. It turned out pretty well and I am slowly getting the hang of Clip Studio Paint (but I still have a TON of things that I could improve on).

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